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Where to buy restoration parts

Classic Body Parts or Restoration Performance is one of the largest dealers for Goodmark Industries and Dynacorn International and Sherman classic restoration parts in the country! We strive to meet all your classic car vehicles needs. Dont be fooled by other companies that offer monthly sells offering discounts at 15 – 25% off RETAIL price! […]

How to choose the correct custom wheel for your car or truck

How to choose the correct wheel for your car or truck Shopping for new custom wheels for your car or truck is not an easy task. First you have to decide from thousands of different sizes and styles and that can be down right mind boggling to say the least. So let’s simplify things about […]

Poly Bushings VS Rubber Bushings

Poly vs. Rubber We all know what it’s like to suffer from sore joints. Even if you’re in good physical condition, without enough cushioning between your bones, ordinary motions can be difficult. Now, apply that same concept to the suspension on your old car or truck. The bushings found on the control arms, leaf springs […]

Brake Pedal Diagnostics

This is a list of common brake pedal diagnostics that we have put toghther to help you troubleshoot any brake pedal problems you might have. CAUSE REASON Bleeder screws on calipers not on top. The bleeder screws on calipers must be at the 12:00 position on the caliper to allow all the air to escape […]

Diagnosing Common Brake Problems

How to Diagnose a Problem Disconnect the brake lines from the master cylinder while leaving the cylinder on the vehicle. Obtain solid plugs for the master cylinder outlets with the correct threads. Plug both master cylinder outlets and try the pedal. If the pedal is very spongy or goes to the floor the master cylinder […]