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Having trouble finding parts? Here’s why..

You are likely aware that getting all of what you need to finish you restoration project has been difficult over the last year. We know that it’s harder than ever to find your parts, and here’s why. Demand is at an all-time high. The pandemic has had a huge impact on the way we have lived over […]

Modern Muscle how to add Horsepower

Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger systems deliver excellent horsepower and torque in a complete kit. Featuring a unique design with minimal components. It makes it possible to fit an E-Force Supercharger under the stock hood. The core of each system is the Eaton Gen VI 2300 or 1320 TVS® Supercharger rotating assembly with a four lobe design […]

Where to buy restoration parts

Classic Body Parts or Restoration Performance is one of the largest dealers for Goodmark Industries and Dynacorn International and Sherman classic restoration parts in the country! We strive to meet all your classic car vehicles needs. Dont be fooled by other companies that offer monthly sells offering discounts at 15 – 25% off RETAIL price! […]

How to Choose a aftermarket Muffler

How to Choose a Muffler Your muffler is a crucial component of the exhaust system. The main purpose of a muffler is to quiet (or muffle) the engine sound as it exits the motor. As the sound travels down the exhaust, it enters the muffler and is routed through a series of tubes that control […]

Can You Tell classic car Clone From The Survivor?

The muscle car clone is on the left but do you know what that means? The survivor is on the right. Both are beautiful muscle cars. Do you care which one you buy? Here are just some of the common words you will find when reading classic car advertisements or talking to used muscle car […]

Classic Car tips for storing your car,

Freezing temperatures naturally dictate that anti-freeze be used. But even if it’s not freezing, put it in. Many of the newer ‘coolants’ have excellent corrosion inhibitors that will help protect and lubricate your cooling system. A 50/50 anti-freeze/water mix is fine. Again make sure to run the car so it’s mixed throughout the entire system. […]

Classic Car Make / Model Identification Guide

During the 1960’s and 1970’s, the automakers used letter codes to designate which car platform the models were built off of.  Unlike today, there were basically small, midsize and large cars with perhaps a special model of each available.  Following is a chart which you can use to determine which model and platform your car […]