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What Type of Quarter Panel do You Need?

With so many reproduction options on the market, knowing exactly what you need to repair or replace your sheet metal will save time and money! Learn the difference between fulls, skins and patch panels. Get it right the first time. Full Quarter Panel is made just like the panels that are welded to your car […]

Body Panel Sheet Metal Tooling Information

A Word About Sheet Metal Tooling The act of stamping flat sheets of steel into the complex shapes that make up fenders, doors, hoods, bumpers and other parts generates tremendous pressure, heat and friction. The stress and strain of repeatedly stamping various shapes and distortions inevitably causes rapid wear to tooling surfaces. As the tooling […]

Sheet Metal Installation Tips

Here are some tips we have put together for anyone looking to replace their sheet metal and what to look for when buying replacement sheet metal. 1. If you don’t feel comfortable installing the products, please gain some more knowledge first before attempting any major repair. Most of the customer service complaints or questions we get can […]